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  • Impact Windows


    Windows are amongst the most important features of any building. They allow light and energy to enter the building or home. In addition, windows are also there to provide necessary protection against the elements of the weather. When living in hurricane prone regions, it is important to fit impact windows.

    Impact windows are specifically designed to provide resistance and protection against harsh weather conditions. This is evident in the frame and the type of glass which is used. When looking at buying these windows it is important to look at these two specific features.• The frame
    The window frames are often made from specifically tempered vinyl or from heavy duty aluminum. These are also often protected with a special layer of paint.
    • The glass
    The glass used in impact windows is usually special laminated glass. There are usually two sheets of glass separated by a sheet of polyvinylbutyral.


    The window frames are specially manufactured heavy duty frames which are able to withstand harsh manhandling during adverse weather conditions. Also, the paint used is specifically chosen to be low maintenance. The significance of this is that frames take a huge battering during hurricane conditions. If the paint used on the frames were not low maintenance, they will quickly look shoddy and unattractive.


    During conditions of high wind such as hurricanes, large amounts of debris are often found flying about. The probability of these objects hitting the glass panes of windows is great. This is where the specially manufactured laminated glass offers special protection.

    The glass will break but will not shatter when hit by a large object traveling at an extremely high speed. As a result, the possibility of injury to people and animals is significantly reduced. The laminated internal layer will keep the pieces of glass together, preventing the possibility of having sharp pieces of glass flying all over the place.

    It is important to note that the laminated sheets of glass are not the same as bullet proof windows. They do offer extra protection against flying debris, but do not offer protection from bullets shot from a gun. Windows which are bullet proof are specially manufactured and must not be confused with hurricane proof impact windows.


    The sealant used to fix the glass pane to the frame is also of huge importance. A special glazing with a silicone base is used. This glazing is manufactured so that it has special adhesive properties for creating an extremely strong bond between the frame and glass.

    This special sealant is important to ensure that the interface between the glass and the frame is not weakened during adverse conditions. The last thing that we want is to have a window flying about and increasing the danger of injury people in its path.


    Impact windows do not have to be boring but are still able to lend character to the appearance of the building or the home. There are many different styles and designs which are attractive as well as functional. When looking at replacing current windows with impact windows, it is possible to get ones which fit and enhance the cosmetic appeal of the home or building.


    People who purchase these windows do this out of a need for protection against high winds and other adverse conditions. The reality is that these types of windows also offer quite a few other adherent advantages.

    The laminated glass is also a great insulator against adverse cold or hot temperatures. This is great as besides offering protection, it is also beneficial in keeping the building cool during summer. It also assists in keeping out the cold during the cold winter months.

    The design of the glass panels and the laminating sheet gives the structure the ability to reduce the amount of solar energy passing through. As a result, the amount of energy passing through the windows is extremely small. This reduces the fading factor of the sun on items such as curtains and blinds. The life span of these items is increased and is a real plus for any homemaker.

    Laminated glass panes have a degree of sound-proving as well. As a result, the lamination is also great in reducing noise levels. Areas which have impact windows are therefore also places which experience low levels of extraneous noise.